About XL Media
WE also believe in "All innovation begins with creative ideas . . .
XL Media inc. is a Film Production Company headquartered in Mumbai. We specialize in:
XL Media INC. knows how to produce Corporate Film and videos that work... to produce the desired result for YOU.  It makes you aware that a Corporate Film is not just pretty pictures... it is what is on the video that makes the difference.

We are not just a video production company, but a truly dynamic, capable consultant that knows what your Film must say and show to get the results that you want. Over a decade of successful experience in the Corporate world, creating induction, promotion, marketing of the brands, means that XL Media understands the PROCESS.

Here at XL Media we understand the client’s vision and purpose behind making the movie and we portray it in the best way possible. We reflect in our movies the vision you have in a way that the audience will love and understand. We reflect the best of you in our Films because we see in you what you yourself have not seen yet.

It is a tool for providing a valuable glimpse of a company’s infrastructure and resources, present its selection of products and services, show its successes and allow the audience to get a snapshot of the company’s activities and prospects.
Corporate Film making has number of advantages like:
  • Corporate Films can be used as part of Corporate presentations
  • A Corporate Film helps in introducing the products and services of a company in a better way.
  • A Corporate Film will show your company profile, achievements, products, services and goals of the company.
  • A Corporate Film boost up the Corporate appearance of a company at conferences, seminars, exhibitions etc.
What makes our Ad Film the best!
Now-a-days advertising can make a blender by increasing the sale of one thing to many people by publicity, such publicity can create along sale and services towards the product used by them.  We help you to recognize a company's product among the wide array of similar products available in the market.

  • It influences the buying decision and shapes your ownership experience.
  • It creates trust and an emotional attachment to your product or company.
  • An Ad Film signals that you want to build customer loyalty, not just sell product.
  • It impresses your firm's identity upon potential customers, not necessarily to capture an immediate sale but rather to build a lasting impression of you and your products.
  • It will surely help you articulate your company's values and explain why you are competing in your market.
XL Media Inc. harnesses the power of Film, DVD, video and audio to help clients communicate exactly what they want to communicate, in a way that's memorable, engaging and fully in tune with the intended audience.
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