A highly experienced Director Mr. Rajesh Bhanushali (he is an editor turn director with experience in Corporate Films - more than 200 Films till date. Understanding the Film making from the grass root level has upgraded the level of Films with great consistency )
Associate/ Creative Director Miss Pinky Lala (Mastered in Advertising & Communication with An experience in this field of over 5years, young mind to know about the latest trends & happenings in the industry)


Client- Servicing Miss Bisni Kuttan (Communication Skills at its best )
Script Writers: We have a in-house team of creative minds who come up with the right words for the right message to pass to the target audience.
This department host a team with cutting edge editors who are the best to portray & curve the shots into a Film.


GFX expertise be it 2D or 3D animation our team has the core expertise of the latest softwares to integrated into breath taking animation.



Camera Man: Professional team of D.O.P’s who are well-versed with the latest camera in the market.



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